Our Brand

As an organisation with a proud Japanese heritage, we exist to enable payments by being - #BetterWithOmotenashi. We do this by uniting over 60 years of industry expertise and Cardmember insights to deliver seamless, secure payment gateways for our customers, that will accelerate your business growth, merchant value and competitive advantage.

Omotenashi is the ancient practice of hospitality within Japanese culture. It means that, at our core, we believe in the power of sincerity. Everything we do builds meaningful relationships that empower trust and prosperity.

Committing to being #BetterWithOmotenashi is a devotion that goes beyond exceptional customer service, it's about building lasting relationships pioneered by integrity and mutual respect.

Making the international payments ecosystem #BetterWithOmotenashi, means you can be assured that we will adopt a unique approach to our partnership. Bringing diligence and flexible, creative ways of working to your business.

We are your global payment network for a brighter, more inclusive future.


Omotenashi, our devotion to the highest standards of care, support, and consideration.
We nurture relationsihps that are built to last.

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Stakeholder Affiliations

We have had a long affilliation with many of the payment industry standardisation and stakeholder groups in Europe and Globally.

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JCB seeks to open new doors through the combination of innovative technology and leveraged opportunities in order to provide the kinds of products and services we all desire.

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