JCB offers advanced,
versatile payment solutions.

JCB is quickly evolving into a comprehensive payment solution provider. Unbound by conventional payment systems, JCB caters to emerging market demand. By leveraging its knowledge, advanced technologies and multifaceted services, JCB can uniquely meet customer needs.

JCB Partner Online

JCB Partner Online is a portal providing a variety of information to the business partners of JCB Co., Ltd. and JCB International Co., Ltd.

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For Merchants

Join the JCB community today to tap into a 154-million strong Cardmember network that is increasing spend Year on Year.

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For Acquirers

In order to deliver JCB's service and its value to the world, we are seeking best partners to connect JCB to potential JCB member stores.

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Processors & Vendors

JCB is dedicated to the development of growth opportunities, compliance and profitability with processors and vendors.

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Security & Payment Solutions

JCB's provided security and payment solutions.

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SEPA Declaration

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is the area in which individuals and businesses can make and receive card and electronic payments in euro, across Europe regardless of their location. JCB Network is compliant with SEPA.

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