Omotenashi is our devotion
to the highest standards of care,
support and consideration
for all our partners, cardmembers, and beyond.

What we do in Europe

We support our Acquiring and Merchant partners across Europe to enable seamless and compliant payment gateways, that accelerate business growth and competitive advantage.

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Better with Omotenashi

JCB exists to enable payments by being #BetterWithOmotenashi. Led by our Japanese heritage, we offer a differentiated level of service, with over 60 years of industry expertise.

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Merchant Collaborations

With #BetterWithOmotenashi front of mind, we work with your Acquirer, bank or financial institution to enable JCB for your customers. Further, we actively promote your brand across Asia and other growing markets.

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Partner with JCB

JCB team members build long-lasting, open and meaningful partnerships that empower trust and prosperity for ambitious, customer-centric Acquirers. JCB is accepted in over 160 regions worldwide.

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Resources & Insights

Explore unique payment trends and insights from the payment industry – from special offers and promotions, to new products and services, to JCB's expansion into new regions and more.

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